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ALL of the services and products offered on our website are the result of more than 40 years of experience and research on OEM Chrysler/Mopar cars of the muscle car era (1962-74), as well as Chevrolet and Buick beginning in the 50s and 60s. NHRA Stock and Super Stock Drag Racing, buying and selling NOS Mopar parts as a specialty, and parting cars all contributes to this knowledge.

Long ago, I grew up in a house that my Dad built on a farm cow-pasture property he had bought from a local farmer surrounded by only dirt country roads, where at the age of 14, I acquired my first car, a 1941 Ford. I fixed it up and started driving around the property and sometimes snuck out onto the dirt roads. I acquired a love for working on cars and anything mechanical, especially with engines. I guess it was in my blood, as my Dad was same way. Later on, I sold the Ford and got my first Mopar, a 1947 Dodge. Then, at the age of 17, I bought a 1947 Plymouth. After I graduated high school and completed my service obligations, I went to work for a local Buick dealership, where I specialized in automatic transmission service and performed other mechanical duties. For only 600 bucks, I purchased a trade-in 1950 Buick from my boss with only 7900 miles. I owned many more years and models of Buicks, Chevys, Fords and others; almost too many to remember.

After working for Buick for more than five years, I opted to go full-time into the plumbing and heating business. After much study and training, I received my plumbing license which allowed me to operate a successful career for 50 years, along with obtaining State Plumbing Inspector licenses and inspecting in three towns. Simultaneously, I was getting my feet wet in NHRA drag racing with a 55 Chevy, running 283s on up through 409s in C/Gas. But I always liked Mopars.

For over 30 years, while operating the plumbing business, I was always dismantling and parting out Mopars, buying and selling NOS parts at swap meets, and through Hemming Motor News and other outlets. In 1980, I bought a 1971 'Cuda Super Stock car. So here I was, finally back in a Mopar! I campaigned the car heavily from 1984 through 1989 at National and Divisional events on the east coast, Canada, and even traveled to Columbus and Indy. In 1985, I was a semi-finalist at the Molson Grand National near Granby, Quebec, losing via a breakout. A great experience! At that time, the car was classified in SS/JA with a 340, running 10.50s and 60s at 128 to 129 MPH, which was pretty stout for those days. Thanks to my friends at famed small block engine builders Ritter and Weber Racing, and their expertise in Super Stock Racing. Those were the fun days of class racing, unlike the more serious nature of competition today. The car is now in the possession my oldest son.

Ultimately, I retired from the plumbing and heating business, and was traveling to and from The Island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea where my wife was born. I enjoyed many extended vacations for five years staying 3-4 months at a time in a house we owned there.

In the meantime, my two sons were restoring their own Mopars in my shop and were in need of a bit of guidance and help locating some NOS parts. I was getting antsy from too much relaxation and my wife was missing the grandkids so, back we came to the USA, to find NOS parts were rapidly diminishing.

So it was back to work... While assisting the boys, I discovered there was a need to fill a niche by offering expertly restored original assembly line parts, which were often NOT the same as over-the-counter NOS replacement parts. It has taken many years of documenting original parts finishes, acquiring those parts and subsequently developing new ways to duplicate these finishes that often were applied by what are now obsolete and/or heavily EPA-regulated processes. This research and development project is ongoing, and continually enhanced by frequently traveling to observe low-mileage survivor cars in order to gather and document the most minute details, which I am a fanatic about. It has resulted in my ability to satisfy the needs of the serious restoration enthusiast and the everyday driver cars. The level of details certainly can be mind boggling. But I love what I do, and am happy learning something new every day!


But we do take some time to go to cruise nights and car shows with our original 18,000 mile AAR CUDA that we restored.

IN CLOSING, I would like to offer much credit where it is due, to my devoted and understanding wife of 34 years, who has stood by my side through all of the craziness. I have been blessed with five children, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild.